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SGP laminated glass

SGP laminated glass

Dongguan Qun'an Plastic Co., Ltd. to solve the defects of the existing PVB laminated glass, break the monopoly of the ionic interlayer film in the domestic market, take the independent research and development route and set up the production and research base with South China Institute of Technology, and launch the SuperSafeGlas ionic interlayer film, which has a specific PVB. More excellent edge stability, no plasticizer reduces the risk of autoclave ignition, more transparent effect with ultra-white glass, safer performance after laminated glass breakage, achieve structural support of glass; Compared with imported brands, they have the advantages of reasonable price, prompt delivery and good service.

Product Details
Performance advantages of SuperSafeGlas ionic interlayer film:
SuperSafeGlas ionic interlayer film is an ionic film of ethylene and methacrylate copolymer, containing about 1% metal sodium ion. The adhesion of the film to glass is mainly the result of ionic bond, so SuperSafeGlas film and The bonding strength of glass is much higher than that of PVB film and glass, and its hardness is 100 times that of traditional PVB interlayer material, and the tear strength is 5 times that of PVB interlayer material.
Equivalent thickness of SuperSafeGlas film laminated glass = two pieces of glass added
Equivalent thickness of PVB film laminated glass = single piece glass x1.25
As the bearing capacity is increased, the deflection is reduced and the glass thickness can be correspondingly reduced. It is possible to reduce the amount of glass by about 40%, which also reduces the weight of the curtain wall. Not only is it beneficial to the main structure design, but also energy saving.
Ion type intermediate film application range
1. Glass roof: outdoor glass room, shopping center, large terminal building
2. Bulletproof, anti-theft glass: bank, jewelry store, bulletproof glass
3. Glass floor, stairs, plank road: aquarium, glass staircase, glass plank road, glass bridge in public places
4. Single side support railing
5. Architectural glass curtain wall
6. Oversized architectural glass
Future prospects for ionic interlayers:
Due to its strong and good performance, ionic interlayer film laminated glass has been widely used in various industries, and with the further improvement of people's demand for safety, aesthetics and peculiar combination, the application of SuperSafeGlas laminated glass will be more extensive, and it has a wider range. Development prospects. The application of the sunroof in the car may be applied in the field of motor vehicles, aviation, and navigation.