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Why need to use Ionic Interlayer ?
Edit: Judy  Date: 2020-12-15
Why use Ionic Interlayer ?
there are several reasons that why we need to use SGP interlayer as following: 

1:Due to the rapid development of economy, Glass curtain wall has been widely used.

2:Curtain wall laminated glass has the advantages of beauty, lighting, permeability, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat resistance, etc., but the most important thing is that the safety of curtain wall glass has been recognized by the world

3:Because PVB laminated film is not mainly developed for building curtain wall, its defects are as follows: 1. It is elastic, relatively soft, and has small shear modulus; 2. There will be significant relative slip between two pieces of glass under stress, with small bearing capacity and large bending deformation. 3. The exposed edge of PVB laminated glass is easy to be opened by damp. 4. PVB laminated glass is easy to yellowing and discoloration after long service time.
PVB laminated glass is not suitable for glass curtain wall with high performance requirements

4: with SGP high strength, hardness and shear modulus,It is the most suitable interlayer for glass curtain wall so far.