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Monthly meeting was held on July 15th
Edit: judy  Date: 2020-07-15

Monthly meeting was held on July 15th

On the morning of 15th July, the company held a monthly work safety meeting in July. The meeting was presided over by Zhou fangxuan, deputy director of the company's chief engineer's office. President's assistant Li Jingping.

t the meeting, each business unit and production center reported the progress and problems of each project in July, the engineering management center and the cost control center respectively reported the problems found in the project inspection and the completion of monthly output value; the company leaders summarized the work of the engineering sector in this month.

Yan Xiaofeng, President of the company, carefully listened to the report on the completion of the work of each business unit in July, and arranged the key work in May in combination with the current industry development situation. He also asked all business units to recognize the current situation of safety production, always keep a clear mind, attach great importance to the work of safety production, and seriously find out the potential risks and weak links in production safety! Project management personnel should strengthen supervision and responsibility awareness, strengthen safety measures, implement responsibility to people, strictly control material procurement and acceptance, and do a solid job in safety production work!