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Testing Equipment
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Institute has more than 100 sets of testing equipment, the total value of about 80000000 yuan instrument,
Of these, more than 90% of imported equipment, laboratory use area of more than 3000 square meters

Material composition, structure and structure analysis
Thermal property analysis of materials
Analysis of mechanical properties of materials
Material processing performance analysis
Weatherability and other performance analys



Quality inspection

The company has passed the British UKAS quality system ISO9001 certification, in the incoming, production, shipment of any link strictly in accordance with the standard system of operation, I have the perfect matching inspection equipment,Are anti impact, anti penetration, moisture content, transmittance, haze, heat resistance, heat shrinkage, baking, freezing, bearing test, single support Shijiyu test all products before leaving factory,
Ensure all products meet international standards before shipment.