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Development Path
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Development Path:



Set up R & D team, began to engage in Glass ionic interlayer materials research and development.






November    Founded in Dongguan Qunan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., began plant construction.






May    The first Glass ionic interlayer production line has been built in China, and the processing and trial production have been carried out .


July    The Glass ionic interlayer began to be mass produced, and the quality and performance index of the ionic membrane were basically the same as those imported from abroad.


December    Products through the national safety glass and quartz glass quality supervision and inspection center testing. Laminated glass of the 6 tests, automotive safety glass (model impact testing, all qualified. Through the British UKAS institutions ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.






March    The second production lines have been assembled and put into production in April .


May    Two patents for national inventions, seven applications for applied patents .








July    With the establishment of long-term strategic cooperative relations with South China University of Technology, Officially become South China University of Technology  National Engineering Research Center of Novel equipment for Polymer Processing  INDUSTRY EDUCATION RESEARCH BASE.


October    Then apply for 7 national practical patents for patent protection.  


November    Products through the BS certification in Hongkong 8+1.52+8 test certificate, through the Hongkong BS graupel pouch impact test, products can enter the overseas market. 


December    Through ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.



February    Qunan industry, the product has passed 3000 hours of salt fog test, the test report is qualified.


March    In the 24th National Aluminum Window and Door Curtain Wall Exhibition, he won the Star Prize (the first public welfare door and window  curtain wall design award in China).


April    Qun'an Industrial Co., Ltd. participated in the 29th China Glass Exhibition in Shanghai and won the "cutting edge enterprise" of glass chemical accessories brand and the 5th "Golden Glass Award" of China Glass Net.


June    SuperSafeGlas Ionic Intermediate Membrane Product SGP Film, China Pacific Property Insurance Undertaking Group.


August    Complete the test report of the third-party testing organization's test proportion and principal component qualitative analysis.

Through ISO14001:2015 environmental management standards, certification scope: ultra-safe glass intermediate film production and related environmental management activities.


October    The SGP film produced by Qun'an Industrial Co., Ltd. was first exhibited at the Glass Industry Technology Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, which echoed the grand slogan "Witness China's Intelligent Manufacturing".