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SGP Building Laminated Glass Film

SGP Building Laminated Glass Film

SuperSafeGlas Glass ionic interlayer is ethylene and methyl acrylate copolymer of a kind of ionic film, containing about 1% of the sodium metal ions, the bond for the film and glass if the result of the ionic bonding effect,SuperSafeGlas film and glass bonding force than the compressive strength of PVB film and glass much higher.Its hardness is 100 times that of the traditional PVB interlayer material tenacity, strength is 5 timesthat of the traditional PVB interlayer material tenacity.

Product Details

SuperSafeGlas interlayer


Product specifications


Application range of ionic intermediate membrane

  • The glass roof,skylight
  • Bulletproof and burglarproof glass
  • Glass floors, glass staircases, glass plank road
  • Single sided support glass balustrade
  • Building glass curtain wall