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China Manufacturer for SGP Building Glass Film

China Manufacturer for SGP Building Glass Film

Dongguan Qun'an Plastic Co. Ltd. in order to solve the existing defects of PVB laminated glass, break the domestic middle market ion interlayer monopoly, Take independent research and development route of South China University of China established a research base , launched the intermediate SuperSafeGlas ionic interlayer, with edge stability more excellent performance than PVB, without plasticizer reduces the autoclave risk of fire, and ultra white glass with more transparent effect, more safety performance of sandwich glass is broken, the structural support for the realization of glass; compared with domestic and imported brands with reasonable price, timely delivery, service in place and other advantages.

Product Details


SuperSafeGlas interlayer

Product specifications


Application range of ionic intermediate membrane

  • The glass roof,skylight
  • Bulletproof and burglarproof glass
  • Glass floors, glass staircases, glass plank road
  • Single sided support glass balustrade
  • Building glass curtain wall