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Qun'an SGP laminated glass production

Qun'an SGP laminated glass production

PVB laminated film is not mainly developed for building curtain wall, so it is rich in elasticity, relatively soft, and has small shear modulus. After the force between two glasses, there will be significant relative slip, bearing capacity is small, and bending deformation is better. Big. PVB laminated glass can be used for general glass curtain walls and is not suitable for glass curtain walls with high performance requirements. At the same time, the exposed edge of the PVB laminated glass is easily wetted by the moisture, and the PVB film laminated glass is prone to yellow discoloration after a long use time.

Product Details

PVB laminated film is not mainly developed for building curtain wall, so it is rich in elasticity, relatively soft, and has small shear modulus. After the force between two glasses, there will be significant relative slip, bearing capacity is small, and bending deformation is better. Big. PVB laminated glass can be used for general glass curtain walls and is not suitable for glass curtain walls with high performance requirements. At the same time, the exposed edge of the PVB laminated glass is easily wetted by the moisture, and the PVB film laminated glass is prone to yellow discoloration after a long period of use, which should be noted. The ideal laminated glass interlayer film for building curtain walls should meet the following requirements:
1. It has high bonding ability to glass and strong tear strength, which can prevent the glass from scattering when it breaks.
2. It has strong protective ability to prevent the damage of natural forces and manpower. Strong resistance to strong winds, earthquakes, violence, theft, etc.
3. Can withstand the sudden impact of indoor personnel, prevent the glass from scattering or the whole out, to avoid indoor personnel flying out of the fall.
4. There is enough residual bearing capacity, and the whole piece will not fall off when the glass is broken and then deformed.
5. The interlayer film has a large shear modulus, so that the two glasses are bent as much as possible, thereby increasing the bearing capacity and bending rigidity of the glass, reducing the thickness of the glass, and reducing the weight of the glass.
6. Colorless and transparent, able to withstand the effects of ultraviolet light, water vapor and external climate change, long-term use without yellowing discoloration.
     The PVB interlayer film currently used cannot fully meet the above requirements. However, Dongguan Qun'an Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. recently developed a higher performance SGP film for curtain wall laminated glass, to adapt to super high-rise building curtain wall, large-span lighting roof, super large-sized laminated glass, all-glass structure and other laminated glass. High standard requirements.