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Glass plank glass bridge glass railing

Glass plank glass bridge glass railing

In order to solve the defects of the existing PVB laminated glass, Dongguan Qun'an Plastic Co., Ltd. broke the monopoly of the ionic interlayer film in the domestic market, and established the independent research and development base with the South China Institute of Technology to launch the SuperSafeGlas ionic interlayer film (SGP film). It has better edge stability than PVB. It does not contain plasticizer, which reduces the risk of ignition of the autoclave. It is more transparent with ultra-white glass. It is safer after the laminated glass is broken, and the structure of the glass is realized. Support; compared with domestic imported brands, it has the advantages of reasonable price, prompt delivery, and service in place.
    Dongguan Qun'an Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a domestic SGP film, qualified manufacturer of ionic interlayer film. Due to domestic production, compared with foreign imported film in terms of price, delivery and service, there will be obvious advantages. The 10,000-class clean room has two professional ionic intermediate film production lines, which can produce coils to ensure the quality and delivery of the products.

Product Details

SGP film is an engineering glass laminated material. Its hardness is 100 times that of traditional PVB interlayer material and its strength is 5 times that of traditional PVB interlayer material. SGP laminated glass has high strength, high transparency, long durability, various structures and flexible mounting characteristics, which means that laminated glass itself can be used as a structural member to build a wide and lightweight glass dome, transparent glass curtain wall, no Glass fences and other uses that obstruct the view.


Comparison of SGP laminated glass and PVB laminated glass
High glass strength and reduced force deformation: SGP laminated glass allows the use of thinner and lighter laminated glass to meet specific wind loads or structural requirements.
SGP laminated glass has lower hygroscopicity: it effectively prevents the infiltration of moisture to avoid bubbles and degumming. It has the ability to completely prevent the transmission of ultraviolet rays.
Achieve perfect and clear glass effect: In addition to strength, SGP film has excellent transparency, its yellowness index is lower than PVB traditional interlayer material, and laminated glass with SGP film has excellent transparency, which can be used by architects and designers. Ultra-white safety laminated glass for full natural light penetration. The best choice for ultra-clear laminated glass. SGP film and metal are combined by ion bonding to have stronger bonding ability.
As a new type of laminated glass interlayer film, SGP film has many differences in processing and molding from ordinary PVB products due to its own performance:
(1) Unlike SGP, SGP does not stick to each other, so the electrostatic content of the membrane surface is lower than that of PVB, and the adsorption of dust and foreign matter is also lower than that of PVB.
(2) SGP has excellent dimensional stability, and can be cut to a size that matches the glass without shrinking.
(3) Compared with PVB film, it is stronger and more transparent, and is the best configuration for ultra-white glass.
(4) The tear strength of the SGP laminated glass interlayer film is five times that of ordinary PVB, and the hardness is one hundred times that of PVB. It is the best material for bulletproof glass. Due to its special properties, SGP laminated glass is mainly used in glass planks, glass bridges, glass fences, high-altitude curtain walls, cash trucks, banks, prisons and glass open-air ceilings where high security is required.

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