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Glass product display

Glass product display

In order to solve the defects of the existing PVB laminated glass, Dongguan Qunan Plastic Co., Ltd. breaks the monopoly of the ionic intermediate membrane in the domestic market. The route of independent research and development is based on the establishment of the production research base with the South China South Science and technology industry, and the SuperSafeGlas ionic intermediate film is introduced, which has better edge stability than the PVB, and does not contain the plasticizer. The risk of the ignition of the autoclave is more transparent with the ultra white glass. After the laminated glass is broken, the structural support of the glass is more safe and so on. Compared with the domestic imported brands, it has the advantages of reasonable price, timely delivery, and service in place.

Product Details



The one hundred thousand level dustless workshop has two specialized ionic intermediate membrane production lines, which can produce coils and plates at the same time to ensure the quality and delivery of the products.



More than 2000 square meters of finished goods warehouse, sufficient stock of qualified finished products, the products are packed in vacuum inside aluminum foil, and packed outside the wooden box. The customer can provide delivery service at any time.



Quality inspectionThe company has passed the British UKAS quality system ISO9001 certification, in the incoming, production, shipment of any link strictly in accordance with the standard system of operation, I have the perfect matching inspection equipment,Are anti impact, anti penetration, moisture content,transmittance, haze, heat resistance, heat shrinkage, baking, freezing, bearing test, single support Shijiyu test all products before leaving factory,Ensure all products meet international standards before shipment.